Our Recycling Program

We feel strongly about recycling or reusing where ever we can and we feel it is our responsibility as a business to help contribute as much as possible to keeping the planet free of trash! In consideration of that, we have established a program for recycling latex balloons which are NOT truly biodegradable. That’s right, balloons are NOT BIODEGRADABLE! This website talks all about this! Because of this, our program ensure these pesky things stay out of the landfill for as long as it would take for them to naturally start to break down, which is anywhere between 2-10 years! Once the balloons finally start to break down, we dispose of them properly but in the mean time, they are a toy to be enjoyed for years! Here’s a video explaining it! 

All items filled with our “repurposed” balloons are donated free of charge to local clinics and therapy centers for neurodiverse children. Ready to help contribute??? The following information will help you learn what we can, and can’t take!

What we can take

What we CANNOT take


The Haven Center is a very special ABA clinic that is helping neuro-diverse children & adults. We started these toys with these kiddos in mind. Check them out if you are in need of this service. We cannot recommend them enough!!! 

Ridwell has generously partnered with us to bring us more balloons than ever before! They are a fantastic company that helps everyone to waste less by diverting plastic film, threads, batteries and lightbulbs from the landfill. On top of that, every two weeks they partner with a different organization to highlight their needs and to give new life to even more stuff. 

Join us in our efforts!